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Scenar gets a clinical trial

Australian news programme, Feb 2011



Dr Bones McCoy from Star Trek with his scanning device





"The promise of a small hand-held device that is capable of curing most illness, such as was portrayed in the cult 1960s TV series "STAR TREK", has become a reality."


Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

MB ChB, MD, PhD   1999.











Virtual Medicine 2nd edition






Dr. Scott-Mumby is the author of Virtual Medicine, first published in 1999, it is now in its 2nd edition. It is the only book in English (so far) to talk about the scenar.


It has a whole new section to itself. This perenially popular device is no longer startling and new, as when Dr. Keith first introduced it to the world in 1999. It now rates a whole chapter and this includes the most sensational healing recovery ever filmed - a man with an axe buried in his skull saved from certain death by this simple pocket-sized miracle device!


Click on the cover to read more about what he has to say about scenar.







Essex Dec 2008


2008 saw the 10th anniversary of scenar in the UK. At the time I had the privilege of meeting Professor Revenko at a masterclass in Essex, that is him at the front with the anniversary cake, that's me at the back in the red. He is one of the worlds top scenarists from Moscow.


The Pain Genie is the name for the affordable home scenar. This device does not have all the features of the professional device, but that means it is much easier to learn to use. It is a quality RITM product, and comes highly recommended by me. You will not regret buying this, it is brilliant for pain. Watch the video below and click on the logo opposite to read why else you should get a Pain Genie.






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The Scenar is certified by the EU for pain control. In the US the Scenar is registered with the FDA as a biofeedback device for muscle re-education and relaxation training. In Russia it is used in many hospitals for a whole variety of health problems.



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